Project Background

Project Background

Seattle Parks and Recreation hosted its first online open house for the project May 5–22, 2020. Open house visitors learned about the project’s history, need, and benefits and six prospective sites for a new community center and pool. Visitors could also provide feedback about their site preferences and priorities for a new community center. An archived version of the May online open house is available here.

More than 6,600 people visited the first online open house, and 3,268 people provided feedback about the site they liked best. The project team also hosted a live online public meeting and question-and-answer session with more than 150 participants.

Community Feedback

Those who gave feedback on a site location indicated strong support for the new community center and pool to be built on or near the current location of the community center (Site A: Current Site). Along with technical evaluations, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the design team have selected this site as the preferred location and will move forward with design work and planning.

A heat map of the six project sites originally under consideration, showing the current location as the most popular choice.

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Key Findings from May

  • More than 75% of survey participants liked Site A: Current location.
    Site E: North 50th & Aurora and Site C: Lower Woodland Park Tennis Courts were distant second and third choices.
  • Participants disliked the Site B: Pitch & Putt, Site C: Lower Woodland Tennis Courts and Site F: Bathhouse Theater
  • When evaluating reasons to select a site, survey respondents identified the following as their top priorities: access to parking and drop-off, pedestrian access/walkability, and access to transit.
  • When asked how important it was that the new facility be at or near the shoreline of Green Lake, more than half of respondents found it not important.
  • Most respondents traveled to Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool by car, with walking/rolling and bicycling as the second and third most popular modes of travel.
  • The top activities people participated in at the community center and pool were open and lap swim, swim lessons, gym activities, and water classes.